Welcome to the Wild Pigeon blog!

Hey there! Welcome to the Wild Pigeon blog! 

I used to be a blogger on the regular, ya know.....pre-child and business shenanigans. But I want to get back into it! A goal of mine for 2018 is to start writing again, and to build the community surrounding Wild Pigeon!

I am so looking forward to 2018, but there's a TON of work going into it. For wild pigeon in 2018 you will see: 

- Updated pricing lists 

- Option to add customized Vinyl to items

- Fresh fabrics for all ages (not just character prints!!)

- More BOY options! 

The pricing in general is getting an entire overhaul. When looking at my inventory and my PL statement for 2017, I'm feeling kind of "ehhh", so I need to find ways to reduce costs overall and increase the profit. Now, I'm definitely not all about money, but Wild Pigeon most months pays for half of our household bills AND our groceries. And me, well, I like to eat. I also pay Emma to cut fabric, prep patterns, and keep the sewing room from looking like a mess. Your purchase helps support two families when you buy from Wild Pigeon, so I really want to make sure that our profit/loss sheet is balanced for 2018 (and the foreseeable future)

Hmm....that's all I've got right now.....I suppose for every blog post I'll include my current sewing list: 

Currently Sewing: