Who We Are

Hey there and welcome to Wild Pigeon!

The Inspiration...

Wild Pigeon is ran by a WAHM with the help of her husband, sister and amazing brand team. The name of the business comes from Nicole's daughter Sophie. Sophie loves to read the Pigeon books by Mo Willems - good ones and worth a read - and Sophie is wild and crazy. Hence - Wild Pigeon. Inspired by Sophie's fun loving spirit and love of bright clothes, Nicole took to the sewing machine to create clothes that showed off the essence of this sweet, silly girl. And now, there's a second pigeon to round out the family, little Adelaide born in May 2019. 

The Girl Behind the Seams

* Nicole
*Favorite food: Pizza
*Favorite movie: 40 year old virgin
*Current song listening to: Hey Ya by OutKast

Nicole has been keeping things creative for almost all of her life. She was taught how to sew by her Grandmother at the early age of 8. Her grandmother babysat her and her siblings during the summers and spent many hours teaching Nicole and her brothers how to sew and crochet, skills that Nicole and her brothers still use to this day. Nicole's passion lies in making people happy. Before turning her focus to Wild Pigeon, Nicole was a community counselor helping people from all walks of life to better their relationships and lives. Her favorite thing about sewing for other people is seeing how excited they get when they receive their handmade fluff in the mail. There is no greater joy than seeing others fall in love with something that has been made by her own hands. 

Nicole is married to Chris (35). They have been married for 8 years, and have been together for 10. Nicole would not be able to devote the time to Wild Pigeon that is required without the love and support of Chris.