Shop Policies/Info

Welcome to Wild Pigeon!!

Owner/Seamstress: Nicole Russell
Second Seamstress: Jennifer Streaker
Admins: Samantha Hope Brihm,  Kylie Lindenberg

Please PM an admin with questions or issues before contacting Nicole, and allow up to 12 hours for a response.

~Nicole sews on Tue/Thurs/Sat/Sun from 11pm-3:30am EST. She ships orders on Mondays and Fridays only.
Wild Pigeon is handmade clothing for babies, children and adults made with custom knit fabrics. The prints are funky, fun, and not what you can find in a store. For a full list of on hand fabrics, please explore the photo albums. You will also find styles of clothing in the albums as well. The files section contains price lists for core items as well as seasonal styles. We are fully CPSIA safety compliant and tax credible.

Small Batch Manufacturer Number: 028666-012018
Actual Business Name: Wild Pigeon Clothing LLC
Please do not ask where patterns or fabrics come from. We work hard to test patterns for fit and comfort, and are always looking for reputable, reliable and compliant fabric sources.
For an uncensored look at Wild Pigeon lingerie items (bras, undies, nighties etc), join our adults only group
Wild Pigeon stocks on a regular basis in a handful of Congos, which are great places to find exclusive, Congo-only Wild Pigeon gear, AND you get to see the works of some other awesome makers. These Congos are linked in the recommended groups section.
Fluff of the Week - Fridays @ 2pm EST
~Fresh fluff is posted in the group for purchase (tees, shorts, dresses, rompers, etc). It is first to claim, so get those fast fingers ready! Payment is due within 24 hours or you will be passed to the next in line. FOTW orders are shipped on Mondays. Anything unsold by Sunday will be stocked on our website.
Monthly Pigeon Boxes

Themed budget friendly boxes each month are opened on the 1st of the month. There are only 5 boxes available per month. Some will be geared towards children, others towards adults. Previews of color palettes will be posted before orders are accepted. This is a semi-custom item (you choose size and style) with fabrics that have been pre-selected and are exclusive to the monthly Pigeon Box.

Pigeon Boxes are guaranteed to ship by the 30th of the month, and anything sooner is a bonus. All boxes will include a clothing item, an accessory, and other random goodies as we see fit to include.
Ready to ship items are listed at
Please see this doc for our refunds/returns policy. If you have an issue with your items, please PM an admin ASAP. Any issues posted on the wall will be deleted and may result in removal from the group. Give us the courtesy to right an issue and make sure you are happy with your items.

Pre-Order fabrics are posted in the group on a regular basis. If you would like to order something, comment on the specific fabric post with what you would like to order, including your email. You will be sent a full invoice via PayPal, with 50% of the total due within 48 hours of you receiving the invoice. The rest of the balance is not due until Nicole receives tracking for the fabric (which can take up to 14 weeks, depending on the fabric vendor). Please do not order a pre-order custom if you are not comfortable with this time frame.
Customs Ordering:
*Custom slots are stocked each week on Fridays with FOTW. Custom spots are first to claim. When claiming a spot, you must include all order information or you will be passed to the next in line.

*Customs must be paid in full before any work will begin on your items. Payment is due within 48 hours of the invoice being sent. Failure to pay within 48 hours will result in a $5 late fee. After 72 hours if the invoice has not been paid, it will be cancelled. 2 or more instances of payment difficulties will result in removal from the group.

*Wild Pigeon accepts SYOF (send your own fabric) orders. Spots are limited each week. SYOF prices are listed price minus 20%

*****Customs Line-Up*****
For current customs line-up and status, please see this form, updated daily:…/1Aq5xeAbYhdIwxFaBFYa3d7imiF…/edit…

Approximate time for customs as of 8/14/18: 4 weeks.