Shop Updates

#updates September 19th, 2021
  • Currently shipping: retail orders from thursday thru today (9/19)
  • Cutting this week: rest of Bluey 2.0 pre-order (about half cut), finishing cutting fall favorites pre-order (we were waiting on solids, and re-order of dino print), plague/fuck-you pre-order, embroidered darkness and the 90's pre-order
  • Sewing this week: June Big Meatless Pre-Ordered Silence Joggers, July Meatless Items (dino skater dress, halloween costume contest hoodie, jack suit dresses, dino constellation GWM dresses, ohana jogger shorts, lime punch jogger shorts, zip inseam luna romper, wandering free GWM pullover, bluey PJ sets, cozy space GWM pullover), WDW 8/11 (tie dye, magical fruit, cheetah pumpkins, bellionaire, baby in cup, wild things, pumpking stripe)
  • Cutting week of Sept. 27th: Rest of July Meatless (burlap dino capsule sets, christmas cakes GWM pullovers, bralette sets, FOF essentials), Meatless PopUp 8/16 (neon bats squish joggers, IT playsuit), Meatless PopUp 8/23 (raindrops rainbocat, after the storm hoodie, galaxy squish jogger pants, rainy day chill nighties), WDW 8/19 (floral skulls, neon pumpkins, pumpkin kitty, smores, fall essentials)
  • In the queue for October cutting/sewing: Bluey Christmas pre-order, Blended 38 preorder, Dis*Christmas Pre-Order, Rustic Winter pre-order, Happy Endings tarot card shorts, WDW 8/26, and 9/1, Meatless July big sale Bluey Dance mode pre-order items, Meatless 9/13 popup, Meatless 9/20 PopUp
  • Weekend Sales Associate (Sat/Sun 9-3pm) approx $10-12/hr, paid bi-weekly:
  • Skilled Sewists - Part-time and Full-time positions available; pay is commesurate with experience and sewing speed; stop in to chat with Nicole during the week, Mon-Fri 9:30-5p
As always, if you have a question/comment/concern about your order, please reach out to Ashley Brown or send us an email. Please make sure to include your order number so that we can assist you faster. Please keep in mind that we process hundreds of orders per week and that the TAT (turn around time) is posted on your invoices as well as on the original ordering post.
Thanks so much y'all!