Shop Updates

#updates 12/07
Alright, time for another big round of updates. As you can assume, we are trying to wind down a bit for the end of the year and take a breather, but we are still working and cranking things out!
  • Bluey Playtime Limited Pre-Order is packed and being taken to the PO today
  • Honeypot undies are complete/ Schitty undies are complete
  • September Meatless 9/27 is being sewn this week and shipping early next week (1 week past TAT)
  • October Meatless PopUps 10/4 and 10/11 are being cut this week, sewn and shipped by Dec. 20th at the absolute latest.
  • Following these groups, we will work on getting Happy Endings and November WDW orders cut and sewn as well as the fall tie-dye preorder, WP faves, and Blended Round 40
  • Winter Capsule Sets will be cut/sewn after the new year
A couple important reminders:
  • We are NOT responsible for postal delays. Once a label has been printed and your package has been dropped at the PO, we have NO control over the rate at which your package travels. If it goes to the Detroit hub, please add 1-2 additional days for delivery.
  • I repeat --- we are NOT responsible for postal delays. If you need an item shipped with a guaranteed delivery date, please request UPS shipping. The rates are similar in most cases. You are responsible for any shipping upgrades.
  • We are still getting a lot of messages from customers that just say "Can I get an update on my order?" Please, please, please when you reach out for an update include your order number. We can get you an answer MUCH faster if you include your order number. OR order email. We have no problem answering these questions, just please come prepared. When you read this, please comment a balloon or rainbow emoji and you'll be entered to win a free capsule set, your theme and size.
  • We are still getting a lot of messages outside of regular business hours from folx that are expecting an immediate answer. Please respect that everyone on the admin team has children and is often working other jobs as well. It can take us up to 12 hours to get back to you. Please be patient. We care about your message, but we also have families.
Upcoming Events:
We are so thankful for your patience. Getting behind on orders is NEVER fun or easy for anyone involved, and it was truly a perfect storm of repeated illnesses on the team, supplier delays, and working to get all holiday themed items out first. BUT we are back on track now thanks to the tireless work of Jaylene Renae Wilson, Cheyenne Lee Madison, Anna K and Jaylene's MOM who makes multiple trips to Fremont each week so that we can get items swapped/cut etc.