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ModestMix Teas

ModestMix Teas - Go the Fuck to Sleep

ModestMix Teas - Go the Fuck to Sleep

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Sweet floral blend with ginger, fennel & rose hips Seriously. Drink a cup of this relaxing-as-fuck tea. Shut down your shit, take some deep breaths. Boom, you’re fucking sleeping +

Ingredients: ginger, ashwagandha root, all-spice, chamomile, lavender, rose hips, fennel seed, licorice root - organic recyclable packaging 2oz (20 cups per bag) caffeine free 


WOMAN OWNED & WOMAN STRONG Jamah Dacus is the owner and creator of ModestMix Teas. Jamah started her cheeky brand in 2014, hoping to uplift and make people laugh, with handcrafted loose leaf tea blends. ModestMix Tea isn't just for laughs...every blend is handcrafted, using organic ingredients sourced from fair-trade farms worldwide. Jamah and the team of "Mixers" are grateful for your support in their mission to spread laughter, health and fucking amazing tea blends!

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